Photo Challenge for 2013




Was not sure how to title this. Just knew I wanted to use it. My grandchildren (young) are looking at a visual representation of the periodical table. This is in the Tellus Museum (young), a wonderful hands on science museum, in Cartersville, GA. I have to say it reminds of the Automat cafeteria (very old) -I was never there – saw it in the movies as well as at the Smithsonian.





From the Blizzard of 2013. Where is Spring 2013?



This is in a park about ten miles from Long Island Sound. I marvel that these stupid sea gulls come here for the winter. If you are not going to stay home, go some place warmer I say!


It seems like it has been forever since I have posted. Probably because it has been. I am really going to try and be more regular. To make up for lost time, I am going to post 3 photos – all of my grandson!







When I was young and we celebrated Chanukkah, there were not a lot of fun options for Menorahs. A Menorah is the candelabra used to light the candles for Chanukkah. This was the one my family used.


As the world changed so did Menorahs. By the time my son was born (and probably before that), Disney realized there was money to be made in Menorahs. So this is the Menorah we got at that time.

Later my daughter gave us the following Menorah.

Now that we have a selection to chose from, it all depends on the time and who is around as to which one we use. This one my parents gave my husband and I when got married. I like to try and capture the light.



Circular (sort of)

When my granddaughter comes I need to make sure we have the appropriate equipment to make bubbles. She loves bubbles! This is from one of our bubble making sessions. In interest of full disclosure, her mother is the bubble maker.

I used Topaz Adjust 5. Love the Topaz products.


Haven’t been viewing many blogs lately. My daughter and grandkids are visiting! So here, based on a sampling of family members, is a very cute little boy with a devilish look in his eye!